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The statics from the Dutch lifeboatservice KNRM are clear: about 1 of 3 sorties are due to leisureboaters with minor engine issues. With a bit of knowledge, limited tools and a bit of skill many of the issues can be repaired. During this one day training you learn to fix a impeller waterpump, tighten a slipping fan belt, replace a saturated fuel filter and much more. 

zelf storing verhelpen diesel boot cursusTopics:
- basic functioning of a diesel engine
- engine surroundings: batterys, tanks, diesel- and waterfilters 
- fault finding and common fault repairs
- bleeding the fuel system (removing air)
- how to change an impeller
- routine maintenance
- routine inspection
- winterization

No prior education or knowledge needed. Just like all our RYA theorycourses this training is very much hands on. 

New: Due to our cooperation with VETUS we have amply parts to work on, an engine to work on and a running engine. We take care of the garagesoap! 

Course price €165, this includes the diesel booklet, certificate and use of overalls. 

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