The statics from the Dutch lifeboatservice KNRM are clear: about 1 of 3 sorties are due to leisureboaters with minor engine issues. With a bit of knowledge, limited tools and a bit of skill many of the issues can be repaired. During this one day training you learn to fix a impeller waterpump, tighten a slipping fan belt, replace a saturated fuel filter and much more. 

A modern radar alleviates a navigators taskload. Not just when it's foggy, but also during rain, while crossing shipping lanes or when discovering new sailing areas. During the course we work with a simulator, and if possible finish the day with a session on our 8 meter RIB with a Raymarine Quantum radar. 

Preparing for a Yachtmaster exam or Dayskipper course? It is wise, and often needed, to get your theory skills up to level

If you want to participate in the Sydney-Hobart, Fastnet or most other sea going sail races, changes are that you need a senior First Aid course. 

Our Dutch spoken First Aid courses are valid for five years. These are not valid for Yachtmasters and RYA Instructors. 
Our English spoken courses are under RYA Recognition and are valid for three years. These are valid for Yachtmasters and RYA Instructors.