A realistically staged emergency during crew members training greatly increases the change of the right response during a real emergency. We can repeat an exercise exactly, or even increase or decrease the size of the emergency. This enables a good firefighter trainer to steer the choices crewmembers make. ,

Simulate fires, smoke, sounds and train for emergencies with our range of products, such as practice fire extinguishers, virtual reality goggles and sound effects. Start a training with our burn smell, and see who responds first!

FireWare offers a unique staging training to get the most from our products and your crew members valuable training time. Learn how to setup a realistic scenario in minutes using our guidelines. This training focuses 100% on the staging side of fire and chemical emergency training.What crew members do with the fire or chemical emergency is not part of this training. 

We can supplement your own equipment with the extensive FireWare rental fleet, for those once in a while larger exercises. We supply a realistic training environment, Fire Fighting training is done by your own crew / hired crew.

Use the extensive experience from FireWare to set the scene for realistically staged emergency training. For instance during the building process, a refit or crew transfer. 
We can also provide RYA Sea Survival, First Aid, PWC and powerboat courses.

With our combination of firefighting experience, nautical background and staging skills we are uniquely qualified to train crewmembers in nautical emergencies.

For medical emergencies, we can recommend the products and courses from Australian based Marine Medical Solutions.