Are you planning a sailrace such as Sydney-Hobart, Fastnet or Rolex Middle Sea? 
The World Sailing (ISAF) Offshore Special Regulations has strict guidelines for the preparation of skippers and crew. In many case these are the Offshore Personal Survival Training (OPST) and First Aid. We are the only school in The Netherlands that offers the one day Offshore Safety Refresher.

This ISAF / World sailing course combines the knowledge of Offshore Safety with the skills of the Sea Survival Days.
Unique to the Netherlands, we also offer a one day refresher course. 

Learn the use of equipment that you don't want to use: liferafts, flares, lifejackets (using one is different to wearing one!) and more. Includes a two hour session in a swimming pool. You will receive the RYA Sea Survival certificate. 

The Offshore Safety day is part of a two day training called Offshore Personal Survival Training. This day, combined with the Sea Survival training, completes the Offshore Safety Personal Survival Training. Since this day is theory only, we suggest you either complete the full two day training, or take a look at our Sea Survival training. 

If you want to participate in the Sydney-Hobart, Fastnet or most other sea going sail races, changes are that you need a senior First Aid course. 

Our Dutch spoken First Aid courses are valid for five years. These are not valid for Yachtmasters and RYA Instructors. 
Our English spoken courses are under RYA Recognition and are valid for three years. These are valid for Yachtmasters and RYA Instructors.