AquaPlanning introduceerd the popular Level 2 training in The Netherlands in 2004. Since then we trained watersports enthousiasts, police, military, firebrigades and surveyors. 

The Powerboat Level 2 course is a two day training in the use of powered boats. Typically open boats up to about 10 meters in length, but sheltered wheelhouses are also possible. The maximum number of students is three, and we will spend 80% of our time afloat, giving you plenty of time actually maneuvering the boat. 

Many fast boat owners have used this course to feel comfortable on higher speeds and in crowded marinas. We can offer own boat tuition on our or your location.
Our newsletter is the fastest way to learn about our course dates. For groups of three people we can arrange a bespoke date. 

Below is a small selection of organisations who have used, or are using our services. We also arrange open course dates, please follow this link to see available dates. With a maximum of three students a boat, a bespoke course is usually the easiest to arrange.

(Up until May we cannot arrange courses in weekends as we are fully booked. There are some options during weekdays)

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