Your Raymarine plotter can do a lot more than just plot a dot on the chart. Luckily all Raymarine systems use the same Lighthouse interface with one way of working: the Lighthouse interface. 

Your plotter allows you to go beyond the usual routes. Venture outside the buoyed channels to that secluded bay, that unknown divingspot or that fish paradise wreck. 

LightHouse2 MFDDuring this training you will plan routes, tweak the chart and adjust settings to your liking. Because Raymarine provides a screen for you to work with it's not a lecture, you can apply your new skills during the workshop.

Raymarine recently introduced Lighthouse 3. The difference with Lighthouse 2 is noticeable so you advice you to book a course day that matches your system. 

The difference between Ligthouse 2 and 3 is shown in the icons: lighthouse 3 icons animate when you active them. 

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